Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sujit Kumar Verma Sbi

With artist Martyna Starosta we made some interventions on the streets too!

M it der Künstlerin Martyna Starosta entwickelten wir dabei in den Strassen kleine zeichenhafte Interventionen.

We start our excursion
on Sunday May 28th in front of neighborhood management center on the Dresden road with Nabu! From the each step we had seen some birds living in our neighborhood!

cooperation with NABU, we started our trip on Sunday, 28.5. 10 clock in front of the office of the district management center in Kreuzberg, the Dresden road. There we began our birding and then gradually learned more about the birds in the neighborhood.

Diana Gevers and Klaus olfactory explained us a lot about birds in our district KOTTI!

Diana Gevers and Klaus smell of NABU told us many interesting details about the bird life around the Kottbusser goal.


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