Sunday, May 30, 2010

Skin Tags On Dogs Belly

photos Photos of the opening

The "other" Carinthia filled the Lendkanal from
than 300 visitors at the Long-night premiere of Lend
The boat was full ... About 300 people attended this unique opportunity to perform a nightly open-air art experience. Since the Lendwurm to make do, as the centerpiece of the event, but can accommodate only 25 people, many interested parties had the enchanted art of light Lendhafen. The Lend-shipping unfortunately pushed to your limits capacities, and it did not that night, had three Lendwürmer been sufficient to cope with the influx of visitors.
... with the "other" Carinthia

The boat was so full. But who has a was able to get seats, including warming blankets, the expected after all the longest stage of the Long Night: At the beginning of the performance of "No Step" was of Spacelab and hungry_body that led to remember that the still lying Lend not yet stagnated - a splash was a river . This and the light installation by Hanno Kautz (the LE (N) D-Lights from visitors and blue points on the night did) under the bridge of the Lend Paternion instilled a life and formed the toll-free clip of the night Lendfahrten. Between these two stations was held together by the performance of the masked theater group "consensus" on Lendwurm itself, the "other" Carinthia Given voice, which is otherwise silent just to hear - the Association Vobis fifteen Afghan youths who hummed a song Carinthia, Goto "Let A Kärntna Wüller Ruah" with one of last night and not penetrated Vada with a parabola xenophobia. Of course, the boat could be still more crowded.
enlightening and warming in the port Who but not on the boat managed, could see the light coming from Breaded escalope Lendhafen also, the "No Step" performance in the pump house and the channel , LE (N) D-Lights tinker at the lend past successes and future plans, inform, or simply warming mulled wine and punch at the campfire, the gurgle of the Lend the ear.
played All in all, the long-night premiere in Lendhafen all unloading, and strain 'Stückerln "in terms of young, contemporary art, the" other "Carinthia and the revival of a jewel in Klagenfurt's city.
The two press photos are from the following name identification fee-free use: lendhauer / Gerhard Maurer.
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