Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vw Hat From Van Wilder

opening of lend
Saturday 29 May at 19.00 clock (in case of bad weather on 2 June at 19.00 clock)

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Talking Landscapes

concert-sound installation by Christine Clara Oppel on the surface of the Lendhafen hike, meander

drive, four islands from the speakers. The sound created

islands a narrative sound space.

installation of Dora Iliova (Architektur_Spiel_Raum)
Here will be spatially smooth transition between the Elizabeth Bridge and
Lendkanal playing with water production.
The Talltones

music performance by Stefan Gfrerrer, Primus Sitter & Richie

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Mayor Christian Scheider first Vice Mayor & Cultural Officer Albert Gunzer

second Vice Mayor and Town Planning Officer Maria-Luise Mathiaschitz Michael Monschein arts editor, ORF


Talking Landscapes - sound installation by Christine Clara Oppel
Lendspiel opened the 2010 with the sound-art performance Talking Landscapes by Christine Clara Oppel. The installation consists of several sound islands that are set in 100 floating speakers together. About the Speaker will be heard at sunset a play that has produced specifically for the CC Oppel Lendhafen. The sound processing is not only ambient sounds, but is also exactly calculated by the arrangement of the loudspeaker is fitted into the place. Talking Landscapes creates a sound-space within and with the real space where the public can come into direct contact with the environment and his personal inner world. The intangible space that is created by the fragmented sound pictures symbolized by the social space that created the Lendhafen, to be supported. A space that is experienced by each individual perception and yet only in harmony (a society) will open.

Christine Clara Oppel is a visual artist who worked for some time with sound-space sculpture. After studying sculpture and painting as well as a visiting student at the Institute of Acoustics in Vienna and the graduate Media Arts in Karlsruhe, she worked as artistic and scientific assistant to Prof. Bruno Gironcoli and Prof. Pernice at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna; numerous awards and exhibitions followed. Meanwhile, she lives and works with a grant from the Province of Styria in Graz, where she recently opened an exhibition at the ESC Lab.
The TallTones

from the wild part: When to put the TallTones with Kurt Weill, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits to the warehouse fire, fluttering sombreros in rhythm of the swaying in the desert cacti ... The TallTones were established in 2006. They make music from the area between pop and jazz - standards that are not yet levied on such and summarily vertalltont. Let's say: rough with love.

Primus Sitter guitar

including Mausi, Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, ...

Stefan Gfrerrer

: bass
including Klaus Paier trio Extra3 ...

Richie brace
: trumpet, vocals

including Trio Exklusiv, Fuzzman, Quantett ...


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