Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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migratory birds in the Kreuzberg district

Public Art Project: workshop, exhibition and events

Current Program

July-September 2010, Berlin

construction of bird houses

3 workshops

Together with international artists, participants can build bird houses for the migratory birds in Kotti-light district. The resulting bird houses are presented in a final exhibition before they are then installed in the neighborhood.

21st - 24.07, 28 -. 7.31 04-07:08.. 15-20 Clock

in Kotti shop Adalbertstr. 4, 10999 Berlin

recordings / sound art

2 workshops

participants have the opportunity to make under the artistic guidance own sound collages that deal with the project theme . The results of the workshops will be presented in a final exhibition.

29th-31.07, 05 -. 07:08, each 11-18 clock

in Kreuzberg Museum .

Adalbertstr. 95 A, 10999 Berlin


The exhibition documents the project and shows bird houses and sound collages that were created by the participants of the workshops.

During the exhibition, a symposium, a film evening and a concert.

29.08. - 12.09. 2010, Berlin Kreuzberg

opening: 28.08, 18 clock

Adalbertstr.. 95 A, 10999 Berlin

The workshops are aimed primarily at residents of the neighborhood-Kotti.

Participation in workshops and events is free and is open to all ages interested.

Registration & Information:

Tel: 01577-5780037



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