Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Cruises For 30 Or 40 Somethings

reading of the Austrian national team

Photos of Marc Weiser aka data center on 19 June 2010 when lend the audiovisual duo data center, which he continued after the separation in 2008 as solo artists. The project is internationally regarded as a sign of Berlin's electronic music scene and has worked for over ten years at the interface of club culture and art.

data center now plays about 500 concerts worldwide, including appearances on all relevant parties (Mutek, Canada, Sonar, Spain, clubtransmediale / Germany, Ars Electronica Festival, and Danube, Austria etc.). The Goethe-Institut data center also invited to several tours including lectures and workshops in North and South America, Asia, Russia, Siberia and South-East Europe. Several influential albums (especially John Peel Session / kitty-yo 2001 Director's Cut / Mille Plateaux 2003 or Silence / wise music 2007) secured data center a long-term office space at the forefront of the Berlin electronics avant-garde. The music is in spite of their visionary powers never overly intellectual or inaccessible, but on the contrary, offers a refreshing blend of unconventionality and emotional density that stand still, the concerts so obvious. In addition to his musical activities Marc Weiser looks at more than two decades of experience in different areas of the music industry. He worked as music publishers (BMG UFA Edition), Product Manager (EyeQ / Warner Music), label owner (Gold Rush, Weiser Music, Data Error) and program director of a renowned clubs in Berlin (Maria am Ostbahnhof), before 1999, the international festival Club Transmediale founded, which has committed to include the promotion and presentation of musical frontier between serious and light music and is now regarded as one of the most important festivals in the field of experimental and electronic music in Europe. Last summer shifted Marc Weiser's curator of activities on the tour agency Clubtransmediale Concerts . Since the forming of the data center into a solo project Marc Weiser has replaced the extensive touring more and more by sound art projects and commissions. In December 2009, was his most recent production, sound art, radio plays "Ecstatic Confessions," on behalf of the Germany radios on the air. In June 2010 he realized an additive sound editing of the film music of Dziga Vertov's classic "Entuziazm" in the context of the philosophical congress "The Idea of Communism in the People's Stage Berlin. Through commissions and collaborations with established ensembles of contemporary music, not least because of his involvement in the international ensemble Zeitkratzer (electronics, vocals, guitar) also is a close contact with contemporary art music scene.


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