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Highland Game 2010 season in Scotland

This weekend we went for the second time at the International Highland Games in Ossweil at the start. The aim was to defend our team title, and in the individual competition to improve the rankings from last year.

On the first day the individual competitions were in the program, with the A- Heavys was d
iesmal only Martin "Schilli" at the start. He had 10 strong opponents. The title was like last Yes hr awarded between d s two strong throwers Gunnar Pring and David Frey . They were back a class by itself, with Gunnar was able to settle this time more clearly. Of course, we went 3-6 just under her - Martin was then Schlu├čendlic h after eight strenuous Apply for a fifth by adult competition. True, he could shine in the two hammer throws (7.3 kg 10 kg 33.42 m 28.50 m), where he was second behind Gunnar new bests in each case.
He was also the only foreign starter who was ranked among the top 6, the guests from Holland and Switzerland followed from 7th place

In the B- Heavys was m
IT 19 starters, the greater SSTE field - they bought it only 5 contests completed. Here was Mark, Luke and I at the start.
clear favorite here was Daniel Dorow of the "Stone Walkern" Prince of the forest. A young fast powerful athlete whose "Clean Sweap" I could stop just in ...
first competition was the hammer throw, here I was hoping to 27.5 feet which would have enabled me to qualify for the A-heavies. With 25.93 m personal best but I managed and was third, but missed my target by about 1.5 meters. Weight for Distance
When I surprised myself with good 15.41 meters and 4 Place.
Mark (13.10 m) and Luke (13.61 m) managed with a 12.7 kg weight to perform well.
Weight over the bar when I managed
2nd place with 4.20 meters and also new Bestler ower the 20kg weight. Luke was a growth of 4.00 meters and the 3rd place with his best finish. Caber Toss
When it was on the qualifications of a tree while not difficult, but it was quite long with 5 feet. In the second attempt I managed to clock a 12 trial and qualified with 4 other athletes for the final. There, a heavy tree waiting for us was to be 5 feet long. Here Daniel managed only a complete rollover, I was second with 85 °.

the stone butt end I won with 0.54 meters ahead of Daniel. My 11.54 meters sound but not very far, but also the A-Heavy's struggled with the unwieldy stone where I had managed to place 7 with my size. Therefore, it is with natural stones, no world records, but only "games - records". No stone pushes like the others ... Overall, I was
ann second with 6 points behind Daniel Dorow and 7.5 points ahead of the third party, Martin Kuhne. Luke managed 5th and 7th St. Mark's Square

After a not so long night celebrations, we were then on the second day to our team title to defend from last year. Our friends from the Angelbachtal the Mac maniacs wanted to prevent the course, and we started in the same group.
we could win the first stone throwing and weight throwing with maximum score. Also in the slalom and log Famerswalk we made good placement. When Cabertoss,'s Analyst Toss and Weight high but we did not make the maximum number of points but were still the front runners. The horseshoes we practiced two times, and lost so not too much ground. After 7 competitions we were 15 points before the MacManiacs, very focused on our battle, we have overlooked the team Ben Dover, the "yellow skirts" - they were prior to the final tug of war only 4 points behind us, and looked like the clear favorite for the final competition from - namely, barefoot and was pulled this time the "yellow skirts" were clearly the worst team.

We had this in the same group with the MacManiacs, Ben Dover and the apparently easy group in the preliminaries. We were then lucky and did not have goats often because a team is down with us. So it came in last with the preliminaries for the duel MacManiacs. The first train we were doing to us how difficult the second train after the break, but it should be our longest race so far - it took seemingly forever, and every muscle was tense until we were over there fishing Bachtaler finally. Now we had
our old friend the "grebe" in the semifinals and had to compete against Ben Dover MacManiacs - where do we hoped that the "yellow skirts" very high.
But it was the seemingly impossible, the MacManiacs again mobilized all their forces and defeated again in a very long struggle, ensuring that Ben Dover off our 1st place. Since that day, we are the biggest fans of MacManiacs. In the final they had to do without
on their strong anchor man Sven, we recorded Mark of the team who had already struck. The grueling semifinal
we noticed our opponents have, and this time the race for happiness did not last quite as long - But again was only a narrow victory for us.
the end we had our title with 8 points on Ben Dover defended the MacManiacs were a further 13 points behind third. A total of 10 teams entered the championship. There

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