Monday, June 21, 2010

Bachelorette Goody Bag

guest writers: Book Launch "Best of Worst" of data center

The lend Here the images of art installations and the celebration.

Photos: Gerhard Maurer. lend Visitors) and special guests (ua. Mayor Scheider, Vzbgm. Gunzer and Vzbgm. Mathiaschitz) listened with astonishment on the banks of the installation under "Waterfall" by Dora Iliova read back, where the "Talltones" (Richie brace, Primus Sitter and Stefan Gferrer) with their "vertalltonten pop and jazz approaches, then, thanks to improvement in the weather, even played music into the sunset
taste of the exciting summer program

The opening with the various "art food products and taken in the opening statement by Bachmann Prize-organizer Michael Monschein generated anticipation of a summer in Lendhafen with Bachmannpreis transmission, concerts, readings and DJ nights, the shows of Steinbrener and Dempsey and the artist collective IRWIN and many other events that contribute to a modern and open Klagenfurt and a first step towards a should be sustainable urban regeneration area of the picturesque Lendhafenviertels. pavilion now open, weather permitting THANK YOU FOR ALL GUESTS, SPEAKERS, artists, and sponsors!


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