Saturday, May 1, 2010

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The shot-putter and the Highland Games

Today was Labor Day - and we were too busy, and have a tough Highland Game completed in the Veitsch.
As always, everything was prepared by Veit Schern perfect, and even the weather was Scottish. Sun, cloud, rain - Even "Liquid Sun" we had.
Two times we had to stop short because of thunderstorms, but came with 7 Apply by Nevertheless quickly.
The field was strong again, and there was a nice battle for seats. Unfortunately
injured Wohli right the first contest on the back and then had to give up the Second.

This paved the way for Schilli, who was again very good shape. In last competition - the Caber Toss - I was just a "Clean-Sweap" prevent him.

There were also two premieres Austria:
a hammer competition with a 10kg hammer, and the first time a Caber with Rounded end for the handle - need some athletes here the first attempts to get used to it.
Our Weight for Height is now thanks to Hannah finally "original" - and throws himself ┼čerh good:) Thanks also to
Arch, has left us the Caber, now we can prepare well for Ossweil.

At the conclusion was still testing the new Pintomat the Veitscher, and we expected more AHC publishes a ranking of the last 3 competitions. There

The results are >> here


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