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The Stones of Manhood

At the Highland Games World Championships in Victoria (Canada), there were exciting title fights on the weekend.
While the defending champion Aaron Neighbour had to cancel due to injury from Australia (he had to have knee surgery), the rest of the field but could also be seen.

saw the end result is as follows:
1. Larry Brock (USA) 25.0 2nd
Sean Betz (USA) 30.0
third Sebastian Wenta (POL) and Scott Rider (ENG) 32.0

Larry Brock (1.90m 129kg) won his first world title. He has been active for 10 years a ls High lander , and holds the U.S. record in the Weight for Distance with 28.54 meters.
In his youth he was a track athlete in all four throwing Apply for active and played in college football.
In Victoria, he won both hammer throws and both of Weight for Distance Hurdle.

Sean Betz (1.96m 135kg) won the 2008 Virginia IHGF title. He also was active in his high school and college years as a shot put and discus thrower. In 1999 he played his first Highland Game. His best
Einzeldiziplin in Victoria was the high weight throw where he finished second. But even without a single victory, he was able to get second place.

Sebastian Wenta (2.00m 149kg) has a great sporting history. He was first shot put where he came in 2001 in a personal best of 19.48 meters. Then he moved to the Strongman where he was second in the 2007 World Strongman finals. As
Highlander he was in Scotland already won every major title.
In Victoria, he won the Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Weight for Height, 5.03 meters.

Scott Rider (1.88m 113kg) from London is a former shot put with a personal best of 18.97 meters. He was in the shot put participants at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, and 2002 in the Olympic Bobteam. How
Sebastian Wenta it is active only for 5 years as a Highlander.
In Victoria, he won the Caber Toss - This was supposed to 77kg heavy!


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