Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kamehasutra Vidéo Fr

the "Iron Snake"

Donald Dinnie was a Scottish bodybuilders, who was born in 1837 in Balnacraig. His career spanned 50 years in which he has seen over 11,000 victories in various competitions. Later he was to be the best athlete of the 19th Century means. Started

he has as a wrestler, and he was also an athlete outputs
ezeichneter All-Around. In addition to various heavy events in the athletics competitions in the sprinting and jumping.
As a professional athlete, he started decades in Scottish Highland Games and was also successful in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Due to its versatility, he won once, at a Highland Game 20 events!
At the end of his career, he earned his living mainly with strongman performances in London, where he died in 1916 at the age of 78.
the age of 73 (!) Years by the way he seemed still in the price list of Naim Highland Games.

Here some of his best performances:
high jump: 1.85 m
Shot Put: 15.08 m
hammer throw: 44m
These achievements are all the more remarkable when compared with winning performances at the first Olympic games, the 3-4 decades after the achievements of Donald Dinnie was made.
The Heavy Events Highland Games set He also different records on. From his later
Strongman Aufritt is known that he could snatch 76kg one arm, and even with over 70 years propped a platform on which two dancers were dancing the Highland Fling.

His most famous effort was the lifting and carrying of notified later by him "Dinnie Stones"
in Deeside. The two stones together weighed about 350kg. According to tradition, he helped his father work on the bridge of Potarch said, and took the stones from one side to the other - but not the length but the width - which is a distance of about 5 yards (= 4.5 m ) was.


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