Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bellybutton Pain Means

shotgun Ronnie

On Saturday I was in Purgstall at the Extreme Power Days which was organized by Franz Kastenberger. On Saturday was the "ultra-launchers, five-fight" in the program.
Ultra because the weights "ultra heavy" were.

Started has the whole thing with a historical weight throw with hammer throw technique. The weight weighed 25.4 kg and had a short handle.
the early warm-up I noticed that a still shot is rather pointless - so I tried a spin. "Try" it was then ...
The thrower who had command of the wire hammer here is clearly an advantage.

purposes iter competition was the historic discus throw, instead of the bronze discus the Greeks, we threw a 5kg weight plate. This competition two times I have been practicing, he was lying to me sooner.

the evening then went on the main square, where a market festival took place on.

The stone was a shock as a shock to 25kg weight, either a stone or iron block - I then took the iron block - clearly the better choice.

The most serious competition was the Ultra stone throwing. to get the unwieldy weight of 50kg with a useful handle on the head was already a challenge, but with still so quick to run without having to become unstable so I thought impossible. Until I Christian Wimmer - have seen start - the German record holder in the M35 class in this competition. I could not imitate it anyway ...

The Last Hurdle - High weight throw with 25.4 kg weight - I was
finite. With 3.40 meters, I got together with two other athletes to second place. The 3.60 meter would have been even indoors. The weight, however, had unusual flight characteristics because of the long flexible handle.
The services were evaluated for the overall standings with age factors, here the age-graded scoring. In the "open" rating it had for me but probably only served to 4th place: first
Franz Berger Box 4467 points
weight for distance 8.48 m / Discus 19.54 m / 5.26 m stone / stone Ultra 3,26 m / 3,60 m high throw
second Hans-Rainer Engwell 4319p (7.10-16.02 - 4.08 to 2.62 - 3.40)
third Christian Wimmer 4137p (9.04-20.92 - 5.24 to 4.16 - 3.40)
4th Reinhard Leichtfried 3879p (7.76-18.00 - 5.02 to 3.22 - 3.20)
5th Robert Katzenbeisser 3416p (5.72-17.80 - 4.83 to 3.04 - 3.40)
6th Gerhard Wurzer 3333p (7.30-15.90 - 3.42 to 3.24 - 2.60)


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