Friday, May 28, 2010

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'quarters for frequent flyers "is a participatory art project for the Kreuzberg district, which approaches the subject of the migratory bird migration over the subject. These are best between May and September 2010, planned in various locations around the Kottbusser Tor, numerous workshops, excursions and an exhibition. Focus of activities is the joint construction of bird houses, which are installed in the neighborhood.

The realization of the project is done in 3 steps. All three program components have participatory nature and are professionally supported. The management of the workshops carried out by Berlin & international artists & cultural workers who have experience in the care of participatory workshops. In addition, caused a ornithological / okölogische and a cross-cultural consulting.

induction program: 27 May - 06th June 2010
is the first part of the project participants can be given:
-as an artist with the motive of the (train) bird deal.
-more about the traditional houses of Turkey & Bird to know their neighbors
-their own district to explore vogelkundlerisch

ORIGAMI workshops
you know origami, the Japanese art of paper folding? With Yumi Tanabe from Japan can you try it and fold various origami birds. These include models of migratory birds that come every spring to Berlin.

flock of birds-DRAW workshops
The sky is limitless home for a wide variety of birds. During the first part of this drawing workshops we design together with the artists Stefan end Wardt & Annette Knol a fantastic skyscape. In the second part, we will draw different birds or composed as a collage and paste it as a huge flock of birds in the sky landscape.

EBRU workshops
Ebru is a traditional Turkish form of painting with water colors (marbling technique). Together with the Turkish artist Anil Avci from Istanbul, you can learn about the history and technique of Ebru learn while making your own water color painting (eg, different patterns and bird motifs).

workshop with the actress and theater director Veronica Nowag-Jones we want to improvise new stories from the neighborhood. One begins the next continues, and so the story goes on chain. The stories to tell about experiences that everyone has done with the back and forth between different locations: to go away and stay, with arrival and departure.

you know the birds in your neighborhood? The bird expert Diana Gevers (NABU) and an artist Martyna Starosta we embark on an unusual excursion in Kreuzberg.

lecture and talk
There are bird houses within traditional Ottoman architecture, which have inspired us to project our district for frequent flyers. The talk is about the history and construction reasons
report this bird houses, in a discussion while we can also share their own experiences we have had with the birds in Berlin or abroad.


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