Friday, May 14, 2010

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The muscle doctor

were Yesterday in Judenburg (Styria) from the Austrian club championships with a team of men at the start.
The young athletes of our society were reflected in the sprints, runs and jumps very well.
Our "Highlander team" for Ossweil was with 3 / 4 of the team at
start - we covered the throws, Luke additionally the 110-meter hurdles.
training sessions we had not completed many of the competitions, ranging from 0 to 2, our focus this year is indeed the Highland Games.
managed Despite the miserable weather we very attractive benefits:

3rd place: Schilli, hammer 45.29 meters
3rd place: Luke, javelin 48.59
Seat 4: Schilli shot 13.02 m
Seat 6: Katzi, Discus 36.61 m
Seat 8: Luke, 110 hurdles 16.87 sec

As the rest of the team also managed good results we were to our surprise at the end - Fourth of 11 teams!
The previous best finish for a men's team was one of us in this championship


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