Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bedroom Colorsterra Cotta

to lend

program point No: 54

9020 Klagenfurt
Accessible via the bus line 2, stop "Lendhafen"

detailed program and more information soon on this

link to the program folder of the "ORF LNDM"


The Lendhafen

The Lendhafen is a place of calmness and tranquility, Klagenfurt lends a special flair. With the slowly but steadily flowing water, he is the perfect place to think and reflect. Through public art, events and actions are current issues of national and international artists brought to Klagenfurt. This gentle stimulation has been held since 2008 and is always temporary and constantly changing, slowly as the water that flows through the 4 km long Lendkanal.

(DEPARTURE: 18.45, 20.45, 22:45)

The "ORF-Long Night of Museums" one experiences the Lendkanal by shuttle boat "Lendwurm" back to the Lendhafen Mini Mundus and, accompanied by artistic interventions. Thus the entire Lendkanal an artistic experience, in which the Lendbrücken play a special role.

T (20.30 CLOCK)

experience from 20.30 clock every hour in the port a performance with dance and video installation of "space lab".

VADA "The Holy resistance"
aggressive and patriotic epic of Felix Strasser as a station on the Lendkanalkreuzfahrt.
A parable about the world as it is right now with us.
melancholic patriotic pussy and squeezing snippet for 1 Yakut tundra mother, 2 and 2 Windische Rotznasen German-Carinthian village idiot. Herbert

Achternbusch dedicated.

will play the cabaret and Engelbert Obernosterer interpreter Pernull Jacob, Daniel "the absurdity" Herzig (ONEX), Yulia Izmaylova (VADA), Janos Pusnik, Béla and Mara Ban. GOTO
GOTO - Association of the Arts is an association of artists from different disciplines. At this year's Night of the Museums in Klagenfurt presents the collective is a collective work of its artists, a sound installation at the highway-railway bridge on Lendkanal.

A man's voice will occupy the otherwise quiet sound-space of the Lendkanals Carinthia and speak from the soul ...

Breaded escalope 3 Carinthian went away ... and established the design breadedEscalope group!
will be back to see time in Carinthia 3 and its latest lighting installation, SAMSA Chandelier, on October 3, the Long Night of Museums at the Klagenfurt Lendhafen.

Space Lab

"no step" is one of performance_installation spacelab (Walter lute) and hungry_body (Nicholas Meixner). More specifically: a large-scale video installation at the end of Lendkanals and dance performance on the hour.

Hanno Kautz
brings in Lendhafen every visitor and every visitor to "be" or "her" L (E) ND_LIGHT shine. 1000 lights accompany the audience during a long journey through the night. projections central theme in the Paternionerbrücke the atmospheric features of the place, familiar patterns of perception into question, make the room visible structures and uncover hidden qualities of the room.
Eva Maria Kapser, Jan Zabbee, Anton Leo Felix Berger. Performance on Lendwurm with music and masks. The consensus border art to provide water. The experimental clubs of masque and live sound collage provides the framework for a 40-minute ride on the Lendwurm. art can all know (almost) everything, but they can also connect? Can the people and Cultures and thereby bring together something new, create something special? Afghan refugees sing songs that have been developed in a workshop.


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