Friday, July 30, 2010

Turquoise And Brown Weddings

program August

literature matinee with Jani Oswald (in cooperation with the Drava Verlag)


at 11 clock in

Lendhafen (in bad weather in Lendhafencafé)

In his latest book of poems is Jani Oswald able to expose current events by cryptic word games. Typical of Oswald: the permanent switch from German into Slovenian and back.

"... the poet bends and twists his word material, cut it and put it back together, to suddenly create new meanings and contexts." (Walter Wagner,

tonce Feinig is in real time to the word material by Oswald, also answered impulses or does not respond, perhaps to make himself a musical question might want to have simple questions. Thus word accent with melodies arising in all shades.


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