Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strawberry Blonde In Bikini

strong season opener at Langley

Yesterday we were in our first games with "AHC-rules" this year at the start - with the "Because it is damn" Games of our German friends of Altenburg.
interesting in games, because there is the hammer throw and a total of 3 Heavy Events.

with me in the team were Schilli, Mark and Greg - a proven team. With this was a uch Wohli, But just before the first reported and therefore i n had to start a motley team. Piper was rfern in a strong team with the Langenzersdo .

What struck the same time -> infinity hot, and no slowdown in sight, according to weather forecast.
Nevertheless, there were some viewers.

It started with the Heavy Events:
In Caber Toss gle could tell me that the Schilli and I have forgotten how to throw wide somehow. was a personal victory against the Schilli with 10.70 meters to 10.15 meters, but I won;)
champion was here As expected, the Morli of over 13 yards, came Wohli was over 12 meters and beyond Piper, has been training for months with us Cabertoss and Tire Flip, and also in the AHC-scoring in the competition front is:)
In the team standings were, however, we the front line.

In Weight over the Bar we could write off the team competition the same, the "zero-failure test" rule demanded their victim: Mark and Greg managed to just their initial levels, Schilli delivered the same from a zero. I just threw as usual, and came with the 17kg weight einarmi
g over 4.50 meters with Luf t up. The increase of 5.00 meters was then too high. Overall, I was with this level Third party after Keppie and Wohli, both of which managed 5.00 meters. Morli suffered the same fate as Schilli. My "opponent" and the Piper Arch I could have a height behind me:)

The Hammerthrow
was then our competition. The German Altenburger have tinkered robust, compact hammer, e r weighed probably around 9kg. Due to the short throw handle a little unusual, but after a few Probew he following shall before the Games, we have made friends with him.
Schilli was expected to lead was over 25 meters. I came up with 21.30 meters - and could keep the distance in the usual limits. Morli threw exactly the same far as I am.
Wohli came in first attempt just over 20 yards - the second such landing in dor
t came, but with the handle at first, and ran on. The judges then took the second impact point and with it Wohli just pushed us with a width of 21 meters also. Morli and I stayed but the moral winner

In tug it was initially very good and we had our opponents pretty fast over there. In the hard, dry surface, it was important not to get into the chutes. In the semifinals we moved the team with strong long-Enzersdorfer Piper and Morli over surprisingly quickly. In the final against the organizing team, we were then just ├╝berraschned quickly over there - that place 2

were then throw it far or the obligatorsichen AHC Apply quick drink and eggs. W o we were probably somewhere in the lower middle. Overall, we came eams at # 6 of 10 T . After the competition

caused the fire with the fire trucks or for a slowdown. wanted to leave because some participants their kilts are wet, and not allowed at the AHC Games yes underpants are (Wohli had his wife declared in the evening where his ended up), played out before the eyes of the horrified spectators gruesome scenes, and some present children had traumatic Experiences;)


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