Friday, August 6, 2010

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training in Carinthia

Once we were on holiday in Carinthia at the same time - we also planned a same training.
Schilli + Schmitzer traveled only on Monday as it started on Sunday in Thunder churches. Martin completed his tenth start at the local Highland Games. Together with our frequent teammate Greg could defend both their team title. Unfortunately, the athletic challenge, in this game less and less. A few years ago there was still hammer throw, weight over the bar, log throwing and tug of war. Only the last two competitions were still left this year - supplemented with a beer barrel rollers quick drink and ...
worth mentioning that Mark Martin has beaten in the tree trunk wide throw:)

In Carinthia, we then completed two training sessions to the Schilli not to be brought from the Trainingsrhytmus. So more a week off for Mark and me ;-)
The first training was a long throw unit in a field of f. Weight Distance / hammer throw and weight over the bar

Then we investigated another Stone of Manhood for our games .

The second unit was improvised well, in bad weather
we went BSPZ Faak lake and warmed by throwing stones and Weight ove r the bar in a coniferous forest. Then we went into the weight room, where stood a focus on squats in the program.

Today, Martin Gratzer pointed to his technical training, how high does our new Stone of Manhood:


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