Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Build A Motorcycle Engine Buggy

On 14th of July we had a meeting with the group that works for intensive period!
In the meeting we had spoken about the methodology and process of the Workshops. We had been also enlightened by the speeches/experience of Daina Gevers from NABU, cultural anthropologist Annemieke Bont, and social worker Zilfi from Kreuzberg.
And the Teams which will handle the workshops has been decided;
Bau von Vogelhäusern - Birhouse building Workshop
21.- 24.07; Secil Yaylali & John Dunn
28.- 31.07.; Emma Williams & Tim Greaves
04.–07.08. .
; Thekla Rickert & Dagmar
recordings / sound art
29th-31.07; band Amelia & Daniel Urria
05 - 07:08, Isa Andreu &. ; Paul Paulun


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