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The early history of the Highland Games in Scotland

In Germany, this year the DHGV ( ) Sunswept Entertainment - thus there was first official German Championships in the beautiful Angelbachtal.
Schilli got a S
tartplatz at the A-heavies, I in the B-heavies. Sandy was attending this time to document everything.
We were allowed to Anette, and Ralf of the MacMani acs next to the showground - dwell - the venue. What was great of course.

On the first day there was again the popular Teamwet tkämpfe - at 39 ° C in the shade. When we had arrived on Saturday evening but again all over, and it has already been celebrated. The weights for the farmers walk and the Atlas Stones (the heaviest was 110kg!) Were impressive. The 5 teams had to complete many of exhausting competitions. Childish things such as instant drink, eggs, etc. Wide Throw studied in the German team competition the way yellowing ...

The park provided a great backdrop
e and there were a lot of program, w ir met our compatriots from the group Celtica which provided the first evening a great show. Unfortunately, the organizers this year had
of mighty competitor with the football World Cup and hot weather; so that the audience figures were below expectations. On Sunday

went wrong with the championships. 10 A-Heavy's, 17 B-heavies and 7 were women. Since the B-Heavy's were the "2nd Division" means there was an official title only in the A-heavies and by women. The A-
Heavys was present with the exception of Mark Vortriede "BamBam" that had to with a thigh injury, the entire elite. Martin fought well, he was in the hammer with a new personal best of third parties, even with the heavy second behind the German record holder
Benny. In the Weight for Distance, he managed to 19.35 meters also have a strong new personal best. In de r Appreciation He was then fifth and showed that he can compete with the best Germans. Only
that the Hans from Fürstenwalde not presented to a Revange for Ossweil with Schilli was a pity. He and his teammates did not come to the championships.

The B-Heavy's my race started very well - I could surprisingly win the Weight for Distance , despite my "technology crisis" which I got right after the good result in Ossweil. Martin cows but is facing a similar problem. My 14.65 m were not bad, but the chance of the A-Heavy quality (15,00 m) to be the same again after the first

The Open Stone was again the Thing Ossweil unwieldy. This time the stone but my friend and I won with 12.05 meters and one meter lead over my opponent.

My "boom" was stopped by the hammer throw - although I had a strong objection to about 29 meters, and also my first race-litter went to about 27-28 meters. In the B-Heavys but was tested in view of the German Championships what happens when the rules are strictly adhered to - which meant that there was a lot of invalid attempts, since almost no one succeeded in shedding without hammer throw boots, the feet fixed to the ground by . keep
With a modest safety in the second attempt to throw 24.37 meters then I was fourth. A few of my G
egner managed it with "clean" technology to throw far, and the victory went to Mark with 28.17 meters.
For A Heavy's been forgotten, the strict interpretation of the rules then again - too bad for our competition, we were the "guinea pigs".

When Weight for Height was not quite as high as in Ossweil in a strong field, I could prove with 4.00 meters, along with two other athletes second. Sven from the MacManiacs the second in our games last year with the B-heavies could win here was 4.20 meters.

When Caber managed more like half the participants the qualification round - and even though the Caber 5 meters long, and was not easy. In the final, we got the heavy tree of the A-Heavy, which was previously but still reduced by 1 foot. Until the last round I was with 85 ° in the lead, Martin and Mark managed but one Überschl
ag - I had 3 x 85 ° in the standings - a pity, it would also like to turn - but as a serious Caber I had yet Never before in the hand ...

submitted to my joy my rankings for the first
single victory of an Austrian at a Highland Game in Germany. Martin was like in Ossweil just behind me, and Mark came (with Alexander) 3rd place - again just behind Martin, as well as in Ossweil. The two hope now that I finally qualify for the A-Heavys ;-)

The results are there >> here


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