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Salzland hospitals financially strapped - privatization is an option

privatization is an option

salt country hospitals close financially troubled

District Ulrich Gerstner privatization of the country hospitals are no longer salt.
Photo: Archive / Weissenborn
Aschersleben (mld). In light of the shortage of liquidity include District Ulrich Gerstner (SPD) a sale of the hospital is not longer. The waves around the county clinics Aschersleben-Staßfurt and the entire hospital holding company for the Salzlandkreis turn up. On Wednesday, the managing director of the clinic Aschersleben-Staßfurt, Melita Planert, expected to leave for four weeks of their activity. Background are the desperate economic situation, the reasoning of the district administration of the salt, the support of the institution. Meanwhile, district administration Ulrich Gerstner said in his capacity as chairman of the hospital holding company for calm on "Emotions take us any further. We definitely need more rest. The clinical care is assured. "Across from the Super Sunday, he explained that the clinic approach adopted in the spring" was put on hold. " The under-funding of hospitals will be left, according to the district administrator, especially in the coming year at all locations of the clinic holding deep scars. According to the preliminary business plan for 2011 is threatening a two-digit million deficit. Ulrich Gerstner, "I will not paint black, but the draft business plans look very serious. For all facilities, "In his view, had in two directions quickly and consistently be traded. It must continue to be promoted to the confidence of patients and secondly the cost side, solid back into focus. The district administrator: "The currently prepared going concern concept enjoys top priority." Against the backdrop of a rising deficit in the tens of millions of dollars next year, is a privatization of the clinics at all sites in its view, in the meantime an option. The district administrator: "There is also the problem that we at the local level, the understandable local patriotism not been able to overcome." The clinic concept was further specialization of the individual sites and thus a waiver of benefits deneinzelnen locations.

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