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InEK costing and cost accounting in psychiatric hospitals (Mario Birr)

InEK costing and cost accounting with in psychiatric hospitals

the conversion of the billing system of the same day, charges towards meeting packages, the DRG world now also brings psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. To what extent does the way the different services required for the calculation InEK cost accounting in accordance with § 17d KHG from the DRG system and what really matters here, you will learn from this seminar. They deal with the elements of a cost accounting and on the specifics of the pricing of meeting packages for psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine.


you get tried and tested know-how

  • the methodological development of a cost accounting for psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, and practical Solutions,
  • to help in implementation,
  • for dealing with resistance or antagonistic attitude within the workforce.
The specific practical benefits for you:
are presented solutions that were developed in practice and are used in the pretest.


  • schedule by the cost-unit accounting based on the manual calculation InEK
  • requirements for cost element and cost center accounting
  • service entry and documentation quality construction
  • therapeutic benefits packages
  • acquisition of direct costs
  • possibilities of plausibility
  • services of HIS vendors
  • evaluation of a data warehouse as a tool
managers, administrative managers, heads of finance and accounting, commercial controller, calculator and other with this issue employed a staff of psychiatric hospitals, hospitals with psychiatric departments and their makers

René Berton
Deputy Managing Director, Pfalz Hospital for Psychiatry and neurology - AdöR - Klingenmünster

Mario Birr
assistant to the hospital management, project costs and cost accounting, Theodor-Wenzel-Werk, Berlin
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