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IQM initiative - 2 IQM user conference

second IQM user conference

routine data, transparency, peer review - the path to more quality in medicine

11/22/2010 13:00 clock - 18:00 clock

Location: dbb forum berlin, Friedrichstra├če 169/170, 10117 Berlin

Organizer: Initiative Quality Medicine (IQM)

target group: members, interested

than 140 medical experts from IQM member hospitals have the IQM User Meeting as a platform to exchange experiences about their this year's steps on the path to more quality used in medicine. The participation of representatives of interested hospitals, medical associations, the AQUA-Institute, the German Hospital Association and health insurance reflects the growing interest major players in the German health care in the quality of medical IQM.

At the beginning of this year's meeting newly developed indicators were presented. "With the results of IQM-quality indicators, we identify using routine data since last year in our hospital areas where our processes and structures have potential for improvement," says Dr. Walter Schlittenhardt, chief doctor of the clinic Helfenstein Geislingen. As of 2011, by including other diseases and procedures, such operations are the heart and the lungs, in the IQM member hospitals for additional quality results. In addition to other 23 indicators for patient safety (AHRQ PSI), check the IQM member hospitals their medical long-term results across sectors with the AOK QSR indicators. The development of these indicators was last topic of the presentation of relevant research area director of the Scientific Institute of the AOK (Wido).

Following the first joint publication of results in the introduction of Internet the peer review process this year marked the common quality work at reasonable payment. Peer review procedures are carried out in eye-catching quality results, to detect possible weaknesses in treatment processes and structures and to remove. The IQM Peer Review process is characterized in particular by the fact that the peers who support the Chief Medical collegial working on the ground, even senior consultants from other member hospitals are. Basis of these discussions are constructive and critical retrospective analysis of concrete cases of treatment records. This year, for the first 21 IQM peer review process conducted. Prof. Dr. Giesbert Knichwitz, chief physician of the Malteser Hospital Bonn / Rhein-Sieg and one of four speakers on the topic yesterday was his team are already benefiting, "I was impressed by the culture of open discussion. I found the practical solutions as a real contribution to further improvements in quality in my department "


first IQM program User Meeting 2010

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second IQM User Meeting 2010 - Welcome

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