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Brown Discharge Days Before Period

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Standort Aschersleben
The staff at the hospital at the site Aschersleben must reckon with hard cuts. (PHOTO: SUZANNE THON)
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ASCHERSLEBEN / MZ. will now get serious: In view of the dramatic financial situation of the hospital Aschersleben-Staßfurt, District Ulrich Gerstner (SPD) has now formed an internal rehabilitation clinic staff and a district-site emergency response team. "Raising the Game. We have to respond and move forward with the renovation," said Gerstner.

The clinic staff is internal restructuring, according to Gerstner's words, under the direction of clinical Holding's Managing Director Peter Löbus. "Are represented in the body in which staff from all hospital sites and the various professional groups, all available around the hospitals to the test. Processes, structures, personnel, costs. There can be no more taboos. The only way to the difficult economic tackle situation, "said district administrator. In addition, the rehabilitation staff to the verifier, the Supervisory Board of the holding company for the development of a viable going concern concept is already hired, and will elaborate emergency measures implemented quickly.


, the committee of district-site emergency response team, consisting of the head of the audit office of the district, Thomas Mich Ling, and the director of investment management, Babette Senst. "They will represent the interests of the district as a member of the hospital holding company and just see what happens to the money of the council and the sites," said District Administrator Ulrich Gerstner further.

background for the drastic measures was the declaration of bankruptcy, which had put Peter Löbus, managing director of the hospital holding company, Friday before last week in two staff meetings at locations in Aschersleben and Staßfurt. A disastrous third quarter with a dramatic decrease of 730 patients in July, August and September had torn a large hole two million euros in the cash and drive the institution to the brink of ruin. Although District Gerstner had promised that the county will tighten as a partner a financial rescue. But all experts agree that it is also the highly indebted Salzlandkreis not afford even the short term, can "keep afloat", the hospital Aschersleben-Staßfurt. Therefore likely to view the financial and health experts, the clinical landscape in the salt district, which consists of the locations Aschersleben, Staßfurt, Schönebeck and Bernburg, in a dramatic break stand. Although the outcome of the investigation of the assessor will only be available in December. But it is an open secret that in view of four hospital sites in the salt district already has a large bed over-capacity. Add to this the population by the year 2025 Salzlandkreis live almost a quarter fewer people.

What that means exactly will officially say no. But an expert on the hospital scene is very sure that now is only the choice between plague and cholera, "The costs must be reduced, or it creates the problem of the neck." That means job losses or sale of hospital units.

had really hoped the supervisory board of Holding clinic, just to get around it. For this, the members had decided in the spring, a clinic approach that provided the concentration of medical centers at the four sites. However, there was controversy from the start about the fact that the stationary accident and reconstructive surgery go Aschersleben and should be operated only in Staßfurt outpatients.

The highly emotional debate sharpened acutely in recent months. It culminated in demonstrations in which Staßfurt in up to 5 000 people protested against the concept, and in hundreds of supervision complaints against District Gerstner. Has found the culprit for the patient break-in: "I strongly believe that the loss of confidence resulting from the protests from the room Staßfurter am." The mayor sees Staßfurt René Zok (Independent) differently: "The difficult situation is the result of failed clinic concept."

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