Monday, April 5, 2010

Ski Doo Tundra 2 Wheelie

"Early History "so ended as this 1746, and continued until 1819 - more on that later

Sporting compared struggles are well known since ancient times in Greece -.. There it was already the discus throw, javelin, sprints, runs, a long jump competition and various martial arts

In the Book of Leinster of 1150 described the Tailteann Games that it Teltown BC north of Dublin since 1829 to about 1166 AD was.
competitions as there was stone throwing, running competitions, rings, jump and hammer throw competitions held similar discipline.
were probably immigrants from Ireland to Scotland with these sports events, as they are between the fifth and the sixth century it their home.

The Braemar Games had probably originated in 1040 when King Malcolm Calmore there organized a hill run.

1314, there were Ceres the first games in honor of the return of King Robert the Bruce from a successful battle. These games were then continued. Apparently there was stone throwing and hammer throw as a heavy-events.

The Highlands of Scotland have long been dominated by the clan. It was spoken in Gaelic, the legends were there, the Clan Chiefs. Clan Gatherings, regularly held various sports competitions were held, so that the men of the clans fit stayed to fight with other clans.
The competitions were running, wrestling, archery and the heavy stone throwing and hammer throw events.
There were also compared competition between the various clans where the best athletes competed.

After a defeated revolution of 1745, as some clans tried the Stuarts back to the British throne, bring, 1746 AND ALL Scottish tradition was banned. This also means the temporary end of the Highland Games in Scotland.

established Slowly the Scottish tradition but again, and 1819 were in St.Fillans the first games of the "modern area" held.


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