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The competition series the Scottish Highland Games Association begins on May 29 in Blackford and ends on September 18 in Invercharron. In total there are 59 games over this period (!) - And these are only those which belong to the SHGA.
The closest program there in late July / early August - where are the me
ists tourists in Scotland. Between Saturday 17th July and Sunday 25th July as there is. 12 Games - up to three in one day.

come with some games also to host championships, the most important dates:
Scottish Heavyweight Championship in Crieff, 22 August
SHGA World
Heavyweight Championships in Loch Lomond, 17 July
British Heavyweight Championship in Bridge of Allan, 8 August
SHGA Caber World Championships in Inveraray, 20 July

The largest and most popular games:
Aboyne Highland Games, 7 August
The Braemar Gathering, 4 September

Who wants to participate in the Games SHGA must first of all solve a license - this is 20 pounds for the 2010 season.
hand, you can also earn prize money for all games. The sum will be subject to all events is remarkable in Aboyne are the example. 8500 pound fund at Braemar 13 000 P
. In
the Heavy Events can be earned in each contest prize money.

The performance level is quite different, the best athletes start of course in those games, where there is the most prize money.

For orientation, an overview of the results of 2009:

Putting the Light Ball or Stone (7.26 kg): The English ball piercing
Scott Rider was here the best, he won with 18.02 m to 17.97 m in Crieff in Loch Lomond. The former shot put and Strongman Sebastian Wenta from Poland won in Alva with 17.80 meters. The shortest was
winner reaches it in Lochearnhead with 12.43 m and 12.90 m with Atholl

Putting the Heavy Ball or Stone (9.98 kg):
Here is what Sebastian Wenta front with 14.93 m in Ballater, Scott Rider came in Crieff at 14.77 m 10.18 m
was with it in the shortest winning distance Strathardle of the season.

28lb Weight for Distance (12.5 kg):
The Australian world class discus thrower Aaron Neighbour was here a class by itself, and could bring many victories. He scored his greatest dimension in Birnam with 26.23 m.
The Scot Craig Sinclair came in Markinch to 26.16 m.
was 19.43 m in Atholl it with the worst winning performance - even a considerable Wide.

56lb Weight for Distance (25.4 kg):
This competition is only a little more than half of the Games to host. Again, Aaron Neighbour
was the strongest with 13.20 m in Lonach. The Scot Bruce Robb won with 12.52 meters in Braemar

10.51 m in Dufftown was the shortest winning distance 2009th

Light Hammer (7.26 kg):
Craig Sinclair (41.96 m in Lonach) and Aaron Neighbour (41.91 m in Bridge of Allan) were the strongest athletes 2009th
went in Lochearnhead away the victory with only 30.71 meters, with 33.68 meters in Newburgh

Heavy Hammer (9.98 kg):
Craig Sinclair (35.25 m and 34.84 m in Cornhill in Birnam) was here a little more clearly by Aaron Neighbour (33.19 m settle in Argyllshire). In
Lochearnhead there were 26.69 m back with the weakest performance winner.

Weight over the bar (25.4 kg):
4.87m (16'0 ") was the biggest winner in 2009 was at the height of a few games: Sebastian Wenta in Bridge of Allen and Alva and Aaron Neighbour in Dornoch .

3.96m (13'0 ") was the lowest level of which reached to a victory, for example. in Lochcarron, Lochearnhead and St.Andrews.

Tossing the Caber:
here is not known ever thrown for distance. The rules read: "The practice of not throwing a light caber tossing the caber for distance is and should be discontinued."
right - a Caber must properly be difficult - only the best of it, may not rotate.
Bruce Robb seems to be one of the best because he won in
Braemar, where the heaviest tree and extra prize money if you are creating a clean rollover.

went, not surprisingly, the award of the Heavyweight Sportsman of the Year 2009
to Aaron Neighbour .
The overall ranking, the League went to Bruce Robb SHGA before Aaron Neighbour and Craig Sinclair.
the World Cup title in 2009 also won Aaron Neighbour, the Scottish Open Championships Sebastian Wenta.

The "Light Events League " - where are jumping competitions to host
2009, a third old friend - the Slovakian Marek Anest. He has been working since 2006 in Scotland and won some high jump, long jump and triple jump competitions.
The photo shows him in 2001 when he won the pentathlon in the ancient Carnuntum, where he also holds the Punktebestleistung.


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