Saturday, April 10, 2010

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the season opener at Langley we had today with 9 athletes may be a small, but this strong field.
was in the services that all have trained diligently in the winter.

The participants of our "original team": Wohli, Schilli, Schmitzer, Luky and I
The Devil Steiner Highlander from Styria came with three strong athletes: John, Richard and Mark - who were there also have thrown us out last year in the Veitsch in the second round of the tug. The gabs but not this time:)

And then came more of Castile - the weekend held on May 2, the Power-One competition in Purgstall.

The four-fight was embedded in the event of a knight's festival, which brought us the "good weather" and some interested spectators. In
Wohli one noticed that he has next weekend in his first season highlight Powerlifting - he made a "Clean Sweap" and won all four competitions. Also in the Alltimeliste he could push forward with some candidate. In
Schilli and to me it was not quite round - we had to start a couple of top performances and managed 2nd and 3rd but - Castile was close behind me:)

Right at the beginning from the second contest went down a decent hail storm - which we stayed but not further.
As the weather was better back then, we lay still with Weight for Distance and hammer throw for two competitions - it turned out, however, will be better in the half-way completed state rested better at the beginning.
7 athletes were still in the special six-combat rating. There

The results are >> here

photos there >> here


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