Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pricing Reupholsering Boat Cushions

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher is director of the Institute for Sports Science at the Johann Wolfgang Goehte University in Germany.

Especially in the strength and speed training, he is an acknowledged leader in high performance sport.
took my first training partner this link to a lecture, but he mainly from football coaches, held out but still occurred time and again examples of Athletics:

Sounds really everything logical some questions remained open anyway. So Martin led an extensive telephone conversation with the "muscle doctor". The most important findings fact that we have derived for our training are:
  • Hypertrophiephasen muscle training (8-12WH) are required to have
  • to an increase in maximum force development Transition of hypertrophy to the maximum force as abrupt changes - brings the greatest effect - are identical to 3WH change
  • An extended period of maximum and explosive strength training can be solved, if varying the exercises or motions.
    maximum strength exercises can be trained within a training session with explosive strength exercises and antagonists. At least 48 hours rest for each muscle group. to ensure better 2x 3x3 repetitions per week to maximum contractions in all repetitions
  • In the speed-strength training is entscheident a steep increase in force curve -> fast motion models, Training must be rested -> rested really!
    quality before Quanit├Ąt, the body can not be tired in the state forced to explosive movements
    Maximum muscle contractions in strength training are necessary. Deliberately slow motion versions work against resistance, static loads, etc. bring about anything.
  • In strength training full ranges of motion are important to prevent injuries
  • Explosive force and motion designs you get only when the will also be trained so -> no match movements in tired condition - better a few throws in practice, for longer periods.
    Mental Training here supports the development of good technique, even without high litter sizes.
  • Specific strength training is the throwing workout with lighter or heavier throwing devices. Explosive strength training with free weights (eg 60% of maximum force) does not help - the pattern of movement is too slow
  • multiple jumps, etc. are only limited use as an explosive power exercise - the Movement is slower with each jump, the same goes for medicine ball throws, etc.
  • The body force is critical to the throwing competitions, a "rigid" body ensures optimum power transmission
is now times a Hypertrophiephase in March and then it'll go with the Expolsivkrafttraining - am so excited ...


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