Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful Quotes On Lohri

Today in the K ino: "D he wheels over" - the story of Ronnie shotgun may remember all who were in the 80s, old enough. The disdain for the police to catch him could not was omnipresent. That he is no "Robin Hood" but a real psychopath, was the slightest evidence s has murdered a man almost without reason, came out later. Three other unsolved murders he committed possibly also.

The current movie is somewhat disappointing, as the story in the present day with cell phones, Internet, etc. do not fit inside. Was turned into the book "The Robbers" by Martin Prinz, the reality has sth
as rebuked so wa r in the movie even more the case. But few John Berger case was non in the film away t as a hero or even sympathetic - as a spectator it was more of an observer.

Sporty is remarkable that his winning time of 3:16:07 hours at Kainach Mountain Marathon 1988 to date, no one could offer. In the same year, he shot himself after a long chase.
By comparison, Ha
Herald Bauer in 2009 in Austrian champion Kainach with a time of 3:23:47 hours

Today, we also admire the remains of Bisamberg of the transmission tower - incredibly heavy parts, which have linked the steel cables.
Apparently some visitors have been carried away parts ;-)

My car celebrated by driving home a beautiful anniversary


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