Friday, March 12, 2010

How To Make Bubble Skirt Pattern

the 'Stones of Manhood " have a long tradition in Scotland. Earlier, a young man had such a stone to a 1.20 meter high wall lift to be considered an adult and be allowed to take the Scots cap.
emerged from this competition, the Atlas Stones in Strongman competitions, and also at various Highland Games there are special stones that need to be lifted.

around the world are some common stones lying around and have only one purpose - to be lifted. The one who is probably the most high put the "Stone Lifter" Steve Jeck from the U.S..

The Inver Stone lies in Crathie, Scotland over the Inverhotel. Although he is only 120kg heavy but its smooth surface and round shape to lift very heavy. It is said that only three athletes managed to lift him over the head. As the first managed the strongman Bill Kazmaier, then the strong Highlander Hamish Davidson, and most recently Francis Brebner. He held the world record in the Weight for Distance, and was a multiple world champion in the Caber Toss. The picture shows his successful lift.

The Dinnie Stones of Deeside are two large, heavy e stones (197kg and 154kg) with iron rings to it. The famous Highlander Donald Dinnie she wore in 1860 on the bridge of Potarch. Since they lie in front of the Potarch Inn Hotel and there have been countless attempts to lift it or to go with them.

In Switzerland there is the Unspunnen Stone . nterlaken there since 1805 in I (Switzerland), the Unspunnenfest where a heavy stone thrown must be lifted over the head and width is. The original of 1805 g ing but lost. Duplicates have been stolen, delayed again and again, the current record with the stone Schwern 83.5 kg stone is 4.11 meters in 2004 by Markus Maire. In 2005 this stone was stolen from an exhibition again.


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