Saturday, October 16, 2010

Infection With Brown Discharge

first Club Championships Highland Games

today held our first Club Championships for Highland Games. All came to the pre-registration numbers Although we do not approach - but at least seven athletes featured on the challenge.

first competition was hammer throw - as it goes uphill at our training facility we have not measured. Schilli made it exciting and turned in the wrong direction - he could still
em me just suggest n. Richard was third.

Then we went to the ball system and it was measured again. Schilli picked up the "wrong" arm - and since my only litter was invalid on, he also won here. 3rd place went to Marius.

From Braemar Stone was then No more funny - with 8.42 meters, I created a new personal best, Schilli - this time with the right arm was able to get to 8.98 meters in the last attempt yet to win. 3rd place went to Andy this time.

In Weight for Height I was able to prevent the weight of 25kg and a new personal best of 3.70 meters, the "Clean Sweep" of Schilli
prematurely. The rest of us club members were allowed to take the 20kg weight. Andi and Richard managed 3.10 meters. The Caber Toss-

Andi won the B-Heavy Caber and clean it 12:00. Schilli and I got from our strict Caber - Judge Gerd each with Wettkampfcaber 11:45.

The Power Medley was again the highlight - even the sun could be looking for it. First contest was a turning point with the track with the Prowler loaded with about 90kg was. Then again, followed by two tire flips and 3 for Schilli and me, finally back to the Stone of Manhood. This time I had to lift him two times, and lost valuable time.

was time score:
Schilli 1, I> # 2, # 3 Andi
> Here there are the complete results

After only three hours we had all been through, it still an exciting duel cable: 3 to 4 launchers sprinter / runner -> the thrower could prevail at the end of course:)

Sporty we had the afternoon and finish off the barbecue and beer ...


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