Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cedar Pollen Count In February 2010 In Austin

16.Bergturnfest Iron Gate

Today Sunday - Sandy and I were back at the Iron Gate, at the 16.Bergturnfest ÖTB Tv Jahn Baden. The club also celebrated its 20th year anniversary.

Despite the beautiful weather, there were fewer participants than last year - especially for women.
went For men it wrong with the Berga Sprint - opposite
the last year the times are not entirely comparable, since the route length is not exact measure t, subject felt iv I was but this year sure slower (14.69 s) - no sprints, no tempo runs in training.

The women began to Berga Sprint on a shorter route. Sandy was 13.32 sec faster than last year - but again I do not know if
the route length is comparable.

In Geerwurf I forgave then with three misses every chance for a good result, Sandy surprised here with a clean hit on 6 points.
is probably the effect of the training on Friday where I practiced the passed to it although it was not there ...

won the standing long jump with a little more restrained I La
'S REASONS on the slippery field with 2.60 meters. Sandy came to 1.52 meters - last year, it was only 1.40.

In stone throwing I could play with the beautiful large stone my strength and won with some lead with 8.47 meters. This is also an improvement on last year when I came to 8.20 meters. Sandy rose again to 5.22 meters.

sports highlight was certainly the exciting sprint duel with my colleagues Athletics (since decades) Franz Aigner. In the last few feet I could just step down:)

the struggle of four men then won again the organizer and "King of the mountain sports meetings" Roland Lackinger . I was first called as the last and twelfth, then turned out that there but my points have been calculated incorrectly, and I was then but Fifth (without Ge erwurf).
Sandy could surprise with a win - although they had m it the wife of Roland but only one respondent. In the "family rated" thus a unentschienden:)

Finally we practiced with the participants, something Cabertoss with young trees:


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