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6th Stadlauer Highland Games

Yesterday we had our games in Stadlau the big season finale.
With 29 participants, we presented the previous year's result - sporting terms, however, were certainly the strongest games we've ever had, thanks to the active participation of our friends from Germany.
Unfortunately, the audience interest was much lower in recent years. Overall, were found between 200 to 300 spectators through the T
ag distributed. At the media presence in the run it has lain woh l. that was as good as ever with two radio activations in 88.6 and Radio Arabella and notice s in the crown and regional newspapers. It took place at the same time the great U2-opening with campaign rally in the district, and the weather was very cool.

But back to the positive part - the sport.

First the women

Here we had the same seven participants, three from Germany. Sonja could i
hre n safely defend title - the same 5 of 6 disciplines she could win. Petra - this year German Vice Champion - got involved in a thrilling duel with Dana , the firm's success in her comeback with a very star ken benefits. At the end of the then began from he contests, Pet ra with a single point through. Dana has won a single victory in Cabertoss and thus the "Clean Sweep" by Sonja prevent.
Anette Angelbachtal from the fourth and was therefore second best German participants

The B-heavies:

With 15 participants, they had the largest F-starter eld. 5 participants were from D erm. Although his specialism of the high throw for it was not as desired, washed nn the Masters Multi-throwers Franz Kastenberger the competition. When he, as usual, just before Bewerbsbegi nn (this time about 1 minute before) showed up he was my favorite. I m Weight for Distance, he took a single victory.
2nd place was then a surprise - who went to our club members Florian Mayer Stadel. Moreover, with a nice gap to third place. It completed its first serious Highland game and probably a few undetected training. In the stone throwing, he took the individual victory.

3rd place went as with the German B-Heavy Championship at Mark Single, who thus the best German B-Heavy was the day. He was in the Ham merwurf and won Cabertoss two individual victories. I personally would have expected him further forward in the high throw and Porwermedley he lost some points.
secured fourth place with our respective social teammate Mark Schmitzer.
The duel between the previous year "Luke the Spider" and the "terrible Sv
en" was once again exciting, but moved to 5th place and ended in a draw. S curves of the McManiacs could throw the high-gain with 4.20 meters high.
Gottfried Elsner the team "Because it could not care less" from German Altenburg in seventh, and Stefan Cordes - also from the McManiacs - was eighth and won the Power
meldley. A Ɯberraschug also provided Roland Lackinger - the undefeated king of the mountain sports meetings in Austria, finished ninth in his first Highland Game in a strong field.

The A-heavies:

small but very strong, presented the "professional field. As expected D avid Frey won from the competition. The strong athlete from Ossweil won the Weight for Distance with 20.48 meters, which of course was a new Games record - and both stone throwing competitions and the Power Medley. Thus he was able to get an unchallenged victory.
The defending Martin Schiller was able to secure second place. He managed e
inen single victory in the hammer throw, second place in the Weight for Distance 18.17 meters and with a strong No. 2 with the Breamar stone and the Power Medley.
third place went to the strong German Highlander and Masters runner-up Hans Dorow. He won the Cabertoss and managed in the hammer throw and weight for Heigth each second. His chances for a better position he lost in the Power Medley, as the Stone of Manhood Although he already had on the staff, they then threw down but still with his hand.
Fourth place went to Michael Wohlrab - he won the high throw with a new personal best of 4.20 meters and was second in the Caber. Only Hans Dorow and David Frey managed
matriculate our new heavy Caber eb overtighten.
finished fifth Gerhard Zillner the M40 just for his first season in the form and bring to attack the Austrian Masters record in the shot put. In the stone throwing, he was also second behind David Frey
I myself came in sixth (that last again) - but with much better performance as last year. In the Power Medley, stone throwing and hammer throw I had with my best 4th place finishes. Weight for Height was 3.60 with maximum performance, the 3.80 had twice narrowly missed. Stone joint with 12.06 meters and the hammer throw with 23.32 meters were also best. With the result in the Power Medley I was from satisfied with the Farmer Walk I almost fell and got a lot of time - the Stone of Manhood Tireflip and went for it very well.
Martin Gratzer started except this time only scoring in the two stone throwing competitions, and came up with 15.39 meters and 10.86 meters at the widest.

Team scores:

The two teams won the German team with superior Sven Ferrante and
David Frey . Except for the low score calculated in the Farmer Walk, they won all races, including the tug. Second place went to a tie, the team Gottfried Elsner / Markus Schmitzer as well as my team partner Franz Kastenberger and me.

The countries combat rating was just out of the two best A-Heavy's, B-heavies and the best woman. And that assessment was something surprisingly well with 65.5 to 72.5 in Austria . The A-Heavys Although David and Hans were in front, and Florian Franz in the B-heavies and Sonja in women could compensate for that but. There

The collected results it >> here


Was there too - but it was the Hermes of "Welcome to Austria" - I just hope there is no nonsense comes out of it ...


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