Friday, August 13, 2010

Nadine Jensen Exercise

photos of spaceship "Novecento"

Friday 6 August, 18 clock Opening
The Slovenian artist collective IRWIN
built a
KLAGENFURT, a project of their artistic Overall concept, the NSK State. By 14 August, in Lendhafen passes of the NSK State, a global state without territory and borders, to be acquired.
With support from the Slovene Cultural Association of Klagenfurt.

Friday 6 August, 20 clock electronic sound collages DJ Field Agent Slow Learner (D) merge in bad weather in Lendhafencafé His DJ sets "ethno-Delian" Field Recordings, timeless drones, cosmic jazz and contemporary California lo-fi Psychedelic. With several players at the same time he builds experimental soundscapes and soundscapes on, a warm summer night can captivating imaginative and enchant it unobtrusive. spaceship The Lendwurm, the excursion boat Lendkanals will serve as a platform for diverse cultural experience. Theater, literature and music put the trip on Lendfluss in new contexts.
Thursday 12 August, 19 clock
"dramas River - Maximilian Achatz turned with his successful monologue" Novecento "(The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean) to the Lendhafen ocean liners and takes visitors through a touching story. Friday 13 August 19 Clock "Sound Flow" - A half-hour boat ride with jazzy musical accompaniment, followed by music performance in Lendhafen. Play it Felician Honsig-Erlenburg
and Martin
beautiful love.

Saturday 14 August, 16 clock Cross-Cultural Peace Peace in Action
irritates the NGO Peace in action with a pacifist intervention. Passers-by and interested parties can participate in the artistic action.
Saturday 14 August, 20 clock
Electroacoustic live adventure

Guido Möbius (D)
in bad weather in Lendhafencafé
In his live concerts Guido Möbius designs only with guitar, voice, trumpet and a battery of series-effect devices, a noisy club version of his music. Tightly organized arrangements and exuberant improvised passages alternate. The emergence of the live music by Guido Möbius is open and this is one part of their fascination. The other and more important part lies in the surprising twists and turns, the suction effect and the fine sense of humor, of which the concerts are crossed.


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