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Ww1 Trench Foot Cures

existed in the history of the Highland Games there are many shot-putter who tried successfully in the heavy events.
Until the early 80s was the "trial" but a one-way street. The strict amateur rules of the IAAF allowed no return to athletics.

From left: Arthur Rowe, Brian Oldfield, Bill Anderson

many went the way - the first world-class athlete was the Englishman Arthur Rowe . In 1958 he was European champion in the shot put, and European record holder. His best performance was at 19.56 feet from the year 1961. Besides his career as a shot putter, he had to because of amateur rules work as a blacksmith. At the age of 25, he decided to a professional career and tried first, with little success, as a rugby player.
For he was one of the most successful Highlander, and the first Englishman to have won the big games in Scotland. For years he fought a thrilling duel with the Bill Anderson - the successful Highlander all time
Almost logical that Arthur Rowe
uch a the world record in putting the stone several times improved, up to 18.64 meters.

The next famous pitcher who had appeared Brian Oldfield from the United States. After his sixth place finish at the Olympic Games in 1972, he joined the U.S. professional tour the athletes and presented to the rotary push technology. In 1975 he came to 22.86 meters - a "quantum leap" in the shot put. The performance was never recognized as a world record because he was a pro, yes.
1973, he appeared unexpectedly on at the Braemar Highland Games. The largest Highland Games in Scotland. In the opening act, he won the high jump and was also in the sprints. In the heavy events, he was able to beat Arthur Rowe in putting the stone, and took the records with the Braemar Stone (12.36 m from the
state with 12.5 kg) and in the stone throwing from. The
19.25 meters in 1973 are still valid the world record.

The next was came to Geoff Capes. also an Englishman of
two times the Commonwealth Games, won two times European indoor champion and British record holder with 21.68 meters was. After his - for him, disappointing - 5th place at the Olympic Games in Moscow, he also decided to move into the professional. He
arguably the most successful people switching was - he won the 1983 and 1985, the title of "World Strongest Man" and was five times world champion at the Highland Games.
the Braemar Stone he could record with 12.44 m in 1981 off Brian Oldfield. This record is still valid. Also in
Weight for Height (5.18 m 1981) and Weight for Distance (28.65 m 1987) get him world records.


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