Friday, January 29, 2010

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Bill Kazmaier said to his best time on his own "I am the stongest human being on earth" - which was true at that time also. His personal best in
Powerlifting is at 1100kg in 1981 - then still without bank print shirt, squat suits, etc.
He was also the first of the managed 300kg in the bench press, 420kg and was his personal best in the squat.

Strongman As he was in the early 80's beat - three times in a row, he was World stongest Man from 1980 1982nd Then he threw himself but with the organizer and 5 years was allowed long not start. At 35, he made a comeback and 1988, was again second.

He also appeared on at Highland Games, and managed the Weight for Height 5.56 m strong in 1984.
By comparison, the current world record is 5.69 meters without spin.

moderated Today, Bill still Strongman competitions, and told in a recent interview by the Iron Snake: "She creeps through the studio is in every match ... and they only wait to bite a piece out of you. The fear of the Iron Snake, he is why not many athletes to the limit. "

Its limits but you should know anyway:


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