Thursday, December 3, 2009

Linsey Dawn 16 Daily Sport

loudly: world records in the water and art on the web

The team of the Vienna-based agency for integrated communication serves loudly in the hot phase of the apnea world record season of 2009, the international PR agendas Herbert Nitsch, the multiple world record holder in free diving. The cooperation of the loud one of the most successful athletes of Austria began in April 09, shortly before 25 World record of the "flying fish", as Herbert Nitsch of the press pilot because of his profession is also called. "We are very pleased to accompany an athlete to the size of Herbert Nitsch in PR or support in terms of sponsorship and fundraising," says CEO Christian Keller loudly. "Especially now, when suffering from even the most popular sports in the reduction of sponsorship budgets, strategic communication is more important to secure the future of lesser-known sports" Keller continues. In addition to water records communicates loudly but also successful art projects. The PR professionals in the Vienna agency support group since early May on 27 June re-opening "Art Museum Forest district. Focus of the Communication support Are online PR and social media communications.
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