Thursday, December 3, 2009

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loudly: own press releases:

loudly: new structure with an integrated approach brings double profit
Etat, led by Christian Keller and Martin Egger communications agency has loudly as a result of expansion in 2008 restructured. The traditional differentiation of the agency industry in PR / advertising / events, online / offline or ATL / BLW was replaced in favor of an integrated approach.
experts from various fields of work and consider it networked communications work - from brand positioning strategies to press work to the BTL-actions - always in a holistic Frame.
"We take the time to really sound, integrated approach. When we plan as PR campaigns for a client, we also keep marketing strategy and sales objectives of the company clearly in mind. We design in this manner consistent 360 ° communication for brands and markets that can not be reduced to classical PR or advertising, "said Christian Keller, the agency policy. loud could this strategy in 2008 successfully used: in addition to existing customers in the tourism, real estate, auto and FMCG and telecom sector is the team of Christian Keller and Martin Egger since last fall for the communication of responsibility of the real estate developer Metropolis Real Estate as well as management and organizational consulting TRAIN Consulting verantwortlich.Weitere See .


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