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Health Congress of the West 15th-16th March 2011, food

Topic List

health policy and development of SHI

  • health care reform in Germany: Was it the already, or what comes next?
  • value for money, money for value
  • development of cash Landscape: insolvencies, bankruptcies and mergers. Opportunities for consolidation?
  • liberalization and privatization of health care and health insurance market:
    Who pays for additional requirements?
  • we need a redefinition of the service catalog? Prioritization or rationing?

innovations, e-health and telemedicine

  • As innovations come into the system? Just a question of funding?
  • Innovative financing solutions and savings potential: the example of hospitals and clinics
  • new combination of GBA, a leading organization and IQWiG
  • innovation in the interests of insured and patients
  • telemedicine as a tool for cross-sector supply
  • telemedicine in Germany: Much research and development - little routine

The future of hospital care and rehabilitation

  • standardization of treatment processes / industrialization of medicine:
    Innovative approaches to the process and resource planning
  • New results of hospital-rating reports
  • Intersectoral supply concepts:
    future of hospital services - interface to outpatient
  • chances of rehabilitation in an aging society
  • Rehabilitation - Quo vadis in NRW?

optimization of medical care / care management

  • New strategies of supply management in the face of scarce resources
  • solutions to supply problems in the country. Strategies against doctors lack
  • Surgery Optimize regionalization versus centralization.
    presentation of innovative models of care
  • services research - the foundation for innovative health care management

quality and transparency / patient autonomy

  • change course when IQWiG? Useless drugs from reimbursement remove?
  • patient orientation in quality and Transparency: Informed patients control their doctors

personnel, labor, health professionals

  • forms of division of labor, cooperation and sharing of expertise in medical establishments.
  • Advanced Training approaches in the health professions:
    necessary capacity, possible integration
  • New forms of dialogue between the professional groups: paradigm shift announced
  • attractive jobs in the hospital

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