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How To Tell If Some One Is Wearking Diapers

material costs rise in the hospital more than personnel costs

, the total cost of the 2084 hospitals in Germany in 2009, a total of 77.1 billion euros, 4.5 billion euros, or 6.1 percent more than the year before. This was announced by the Federal Statistical Office in March 2011.

took Specifically, personnel costs by 5.7 percent to 45.8 billion euros, material costs by as much as 7.0 percent to 29.3 billion euros . This increases the importance of purchasing in the hospital continued to rise. Means of purchasing groups own clinics or purchasing alliances do increase the potential in purchasing. Process improvement, standardization and streamlining suppliers are other options in the professional hospital purchasing.

are also included in the total costs, the costs of the training facilities and the cost of the training fund in the amount of € 1.6 billion, the expenditure for inpatient services (ambulance, scientific research and teaching) of 9.9 billion euros and the cost of purely inpatient hospital care, from 67.2 billion euros.

A total of 17.8 million patients treated in 2009 in the German hospitals, 300,000 more than in 2008. The average hospital Hospital treatment costs per case were € 3772 in Germany, 4.5 percent higher than the year before.

The lowest inpatient costs had, according to the Federal Statistical Office of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (3,371 €), the highest Hamburg (4524 €).

The German Hospital Federation (DKG) sees the numbers a sign of the enormous cost pressure, the burden on the clinics.

"Now it's official: The hospitals had to face enormous costs in 2009. The assessment of health care and politics, the hospitals would have the financial resources available for free revenue growth is refuted, "said chief executive Georg DKG Tree in Berlin today. The hospitals from 2011 imposed measures for savings and the continued cost pressures compound the burden on hospitals. For the terms of the hygiene legislation and improve staffing requirements would need further asked the hospitals financial support.

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