Monday, September 20, 2010

Nj Referee Basketball

X. International Highland Games in bookmakers

this weekend were Sandy, Martin and I travel to bookmakers in Saxony.
The largest ever Scottish festival was where we took part. Tens of thousands of visitors were in the vast palace grounds, where several stages, many stalls, exhibitions and various competitions were Scottish. Highlight was of course the heavy events:)
For the A-heavies, the "German International Professional Championships" ausgetra
Gen. As there were some nice prize money she earned the designation. With 14 starters, there was also a large field of competitors. Of the top athletes were missing only Gunn ar Pentecost and Uli Müller. In addition to Martin were still three Dutch at the start - and made the field internationally.

The B Heavys the field with 7 starters was quite manageable.

In the very first contest is buried my hopes for an A-Heavy Qu al ifikation - only 14.13 meters and 3rd place in the Weight for Distance. About three feet away from my s last training ranges - whether the hard place (went intercept position uphill) or my nerves I can not say. The stone I then won with 11.95 meters. 2nd place in the hammer with 25.75 meters - another piece away from the A-Heavy quality. In the high
I could throw with 4.10 meters and then No. 2 Daniel overtake the Weight and Hammer won. Since that day would have been more inside, which were still under 4.10 with some air above.
The decision then brought the Caber - with 2 to 12, I was here second behind Ma rtin
Kuhne and before Daniel and I could go get the overall victory.
Martin - I stay the again received the "favorite enemy" - held next Years left in Prießnitz on 14/15 also a game with Highland Heavy Events. The date we have already an ngeplant

The A Heavys :
Martin started with 12.61 meters and 3rd in the Light Stone well in the competition. In the Weight for Distance, we ran it with me but very hard - two invalid attempts, and then only 14.74 meters. The winner is David with a little over 20 meters. In the Open Stone, he managed to place 3rd with 10.61 meters again The victories of the stones were expected to Andreas Deuschle - the 1989 German champion in shot put once was. In
Heavyweight Martin managed 8.45 meters good and heavy with the hammer was he bring with 26.24 meters for the first time, a discipline victory in Germany. Unfortunately, the light hammer at the A-Heavy's for safety reasons (small litter box) has not played - which Martin had to pretend a lot of placement points.

In the high litter was the same time started at 3.60 meters - but Martin made himself at our squat training paid for. He increased his personal best of 3.75 to 4.10 meters high.
The competition there was a great battle between Mr Dorow and BamBam where it went high. The Caber
managed all the skills tree (B-Heavy tree), and Martin was able to create with the heavy Caber last attempt for 90 °. Showed great performances here, and Daniel Andre Bonne Dorow which could be a good technique and high speed in the jump with an even heavier tree behind David.

was the end, the favorite by David Frey from club-mate Andreas Deuschle. We enjoyed the course, as the two start at our games on 2 October
3rd place went to BamBam who is back after his back injury. Fourth and five in the two training colleagues and Daniel Andre Bonne Dorow, and Martin was sixth in front of just under Hans Dorow - the father of Daniel.

a great competition, sse with two good moderators and a great Publikumskuli .
We are particularly pleased that We coach Rolf Austria, to the
attended competition.


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