Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Names Of Shipcomponents

prelude to the end of the season-competition series in the Veitsch

Within 3 weeks, 3 games - then the season will end on the lookout for this year. It all started yesterday the Veitsch. next weekend followed by the "German Professional Heavy Events Championship en" in bookmakers and on October 2, our "original games" in Stadlau .

The games were also in the Veitsch Traditional Settlement of accounts of the AHC series (the games with beer drinking, etc.). Last year we were able to win there first.
This time was our Team of Schilli, Wohli, Greg and me. Unusually warm it was time for the Games where we expected Veitscher mostly rain. For men, 17 teams of four participated.
beginning was the "Caber Toss for Distance " - the Caber was not very difficult, but 5 feet long. Each of the three be most attempts of each team go into the ranking - the second attempt and I managed Wohli lengths over 13 meters with which we were the front runners. Schilli diverted to "rise Baumk " its still non is overcome and came just over 12 meters. In the team standings was No. 2 behind our friends from the Veitsch.

When "stone throwing with start-up" we brought our duty victory and Schilli managed with 9.87 meters also show the maximum width.

When Staff Ella
uf the year increased BMX track we ranked number 6, which was within our means, the Veitscher were here before us, however, again.

In tug we were very strong this year and could win the first time in the Veitsch, even though we had almost all the strong teams in our group. Duel of the day was certainly the semifinals against "Because it's damn is" The team we had at their games in German Altenburg still outclassed in the final. This time we had Wohli in the team and it was an exciting, long semi-final where the lead changed three times. The new well profiled Tanel shoes Schilli and me good service was provided also on the soft grass.

In Gregor began throwing eggs sovereign again and we managed a surprise third place - in front of the Veit Schern.

would eigenlich now everything should be clear to defend the title were it not for the last competition - the Quick Drinking . Schilli and Gregory delivered from good times, and I needed Wohli but 11 seconds - in the Teamwer tion but that was only ranked 13 It was then that we in the team standings two points behind the Veitscher Hosts remained in third place we had 10-point lead.

In the individual standings Schilli was third in the best of our team.

Stark again the benefits of our teammate Sonja : She won with her team, as well as the combined individual standings with wins in the
stone impact and Cabertoss.

waiting for the ceremony - Wohli to turn the heavy training the tree Veitscher:


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