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Press (30 Sept 2009)

In the edition of 11 August 2009 the headline of the "Kleine Zeitung" the local section with the question "Whose interests he has in mind?". This question refers to Vice Mayor and City Councillor

Albert Gunzer


In this capacity he has put forward the request to invest 140,000 euros in the infrastructure in Lendhafen. With catering, stage and additional lighting is to be revived this artistically from next year. Whereas the total relates to the purely structural. The concept was designed by the Association lendhauer "belongs to the his son, Daniel Gunzer. The architectural concept was, however, of DI Hanno Kautz , architect, artist and member of the "lendhauer" designed and planned. Owner is not the club but the city itself is why flow 140,000 € not in the club treasury but the responsibility of the city.

The decision on the project in the City Council was unanimous. At the presentation in the City Council in June 2009, the club members were named. As deputy. Chairman Daniel Gunzer was given. Even with the documentation of the project last year to Euro 2008, the City Council members were handed out, was Daniel Gunzer

as an executive of three initiators and persons specified in name and a photo. Strange, therefore, the criticism of the Green Municipal replacement Julian Schmid that this would have to be kept secret. In particular, mitbeschlossen was there under the same circumstances, the project also in the municipal council and by the Greens.

to a detailed publication of the complete project at this point is in progress. In order for the project contents and actions can be measured.
for any information following lendhauer be happy to provide.

John Wouk (Press Officer), , + 43 650 39 211 04

Daniel Gunzer
(Deputy Chairman),
daniel @
, +43,660,250 43 15

Hanno Kautz (Artistic Director),


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