Thursday, October 1, 2009

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The "Polish Art Bus is on tour in Austria and will also lend Kunstmeile

Polish Art Bus concerts, performances and sculptures on four wheels - the Krakow artist Piotr Lutyński goes during Euro 08 with his "Polish Art Bus" tour to Austria. The 26-year-old converted Mercedes bus is in itself a work of art that serves Lutyński and his six fellow artists also but also as a dynamic theater coach, traveling theater and gypsy wagons, just as a platform for "total musical and visual shows.

Inside the bus are in the so-called Artist workshop presents objects and sculptures, which are updated from place to place. A library and media library has in store for visitors to the latest publications in the field of contemporary Polish art. On the roof of the lead artists on concerts and performances - a wild mix of jazz, blues, rock and folk. The audience is the express wish of the multilingual troupe invited to take part in the Polish-European improvisation Happening character.

Piotr Lutyński:

born in 1962. Painters, sculptors and musicians. Comes from Krakow, feels European. Followers of Constructivism and Dadaism. Advocate Action ideas of Kurt Schwitters. Remember that nature is more to life than civilization.

Artists: Marek Kozica - Cello Wojtek Jachymiak - violin Małgorzata Tekiel - Bass Guitar

Tony Wrafter - Saxophone

Walenty Dubrowski - harmonica Krzysztof Chwetczuk - Drum


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