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Denise Milani Before Op

semi checker - The medical report based Kodieranalyse (Lohmann & Rauscher)

semi checker - The medical report based Kodieranalyse

asserting your clinic all payment claims?
semi checker tracks all billing issues relevant to ...

Who performance supplies, must be paid performance-based. But what happens when billable provided no benefits calculated? Turnover and loss of liquidity is the result.

A case for semi-checker - the unique system of analysis of L & R. semi checker compares with existing codes of medical reports - and covers all the billing-related issues including secondary diagnoses. No other system offers this security. Within days, you know the additional potential for retroactive correction slips and the possibilities for a precise calculation optimization.

semi checker - Optimizes the billing, improves liquidity:

  • semi-checker does not cover used entitlements to
  • semi checker is immediately in the income statement by retrospective correction slips
  • semi checker is the basis for accurate calculation optimization

In times of tight budgets is a complete performance-based billing an important element for securing the company's success.
A correction statement with payers until retroactively to 4 years.
(policy decision of the SPA v. 05.12.2007, AZ: B 3 R KLR 32/04)

learning the unique analysis system for Optimization of your all accounts now.

Keep the big picture - for a secure future.

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