Thursday, January 13, 2011

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phones, many doctor visits replace

Bitkom: Cell phones can replace many doctor visits

Mobile healthcare solutions to mobile phones in the coming years, gaining in importance in medical care. This is the result of a study by market research firm research2guidance, the world's 231 companies surveyed in the health sector. The high-tech industry association Bitkom expects that future cell phones can make the transition into practice unnecessary. "Special health Apps are ideal for transmitting and storing individual patient data," Bitkom president August-Wilhelm Scheer said today in Berlin. Especially in the fight against diseases of civilization such as diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure could mobile phones be used. Special mobile medical equipment could therefore enter the health records of a patient and forward them to the phone. This could in turn evaluate the data with an app and in case of need for doctors, hospital or health center forward. Steps should be omitted expensive investigations.
67 percent of surveyed companies believe that will be using in 2015 the majority of doctors, nurses and medical staff in the developed world health Apps. Every other company, however, feared that the spread could be hampered by the lack of standardization.

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